Dr Alan Smith

  • Room: Level: 03 Room: 3.06
  • Building: Mechanical Engineering
  • Campus: Parkville

Research interests

  • Infrared thermography (applications and training)
  • Manufacturing (Machining modelling)
  • Manufacturing (Manufacturing management)
  • Manufacturing (Quality Systems and statistical qulaity control)


Dr Alan Smith has been a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering since 1996, following various part-time and full-time teaching and research positions at The University of Melbourne and RMIT. He has a PhD for his studies in the thermal modelling of metal cutting and continues to be actively interested in machining theory. His major teaching responsibilities have been in industrial engineering/manufacturing, and more recently in engineering management (economic analysis and quality and reliability). Alan also is a founder and presenter of industry accredited courses in Infrared Thermography for Condition Monitoring and an active member of AusPTA (the Australian Professional Thermographers Association).

Dr Smith’s research interests span many aspects of manufacturing science and management. His fundamental objective is to place manufacturing on a quantitative and scientific basis in order to fully optimise productive systems. Alan’s studies include the mechanics of material removal processes, the optimisation of cutting conditions and thermal modelling of machining; optimisation of production/assembly lines allowing for a variety of constraints including stochastic times; supply chain management; and quality control and management, especially the efficacy of quality systems and their use in industry. Alan also consults widely in the area of applied thermography for solving a range of difficult industry and scientific problems in mechanical equipment, infrastructure, animal behaviour and medical applications.

Recent publications

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