Associate Professor Colin Burvill

  • Room: Level: 03 Room: 3.05
  • Building: Mechanical Engineering
  • Campus: Parkville


Dr Colin Burvill is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Melbourne. He joined the Department after an early career as a project and design engineer in local engineering and manufacturing companies. Coordinator and lecturer of all engineering design subjects and final year (capstone) project subjects which includes administration and supervision of up to 70 projects annually, many with industry collaborators. 
Have also taught intermediate to advanced structural mechanics (strength of materials) and conceptual design teaching to Civil engineering students.

Research interests:

Principally associated with issues associated with “design for innovative manufacture”, encompassing issues ranging from human cognition and creativity to system automation and self-replication. Have successfully integrated research outcomes with company needs on a series of post-graduate and post-doctoral research and development projects.

Research project titles (principal postgraduate or postdoctoral worker in parentheses):

Mechanical systems design research

“Acoustic tuning and other applications of residual stresses in metal plate” (R. Adams)
“Non-destructive estimation of residual stress by computational modal analysis and its application to automated design improvement and manufacturing processes” (S. Burns)
“Investigations into Advanced Marine Vehicles in South East Asia” (P. Minty)
“Parameter Optimisation for Positional Accuracy in Composite Manufacture” (I. Saeed)
“Appropriate design sophistication for mechatronic systems – aircraft simulator design” (C. Kasapis)
“Vibration suppression in variable pitch cross-flow hydraulic turbines” (W. Hollier)
“Mechanical properties of Australian hardwoods” (L. Juniper)
“Automation design and development for customised electro-hydraulic pumping system” (O. Villalobos)
“Light weight forgings for the automotive industry” (M. Leary)
“Development of advanced pressure vessel seal designs to survive extreme strain-rates” (D. Downing, A. Hellstedt)
“Development of human-like walking gait algorithm” (H. Hadiyanto)
“Design and manufacturing a anthropomorphic robotic hand with focus on grip Algorithms” (M. Shirvani)
“Modeling and control of biped walking exoskeleton” (A Saeed)

Environmental design research

“Environmental performance evaluation and optimization model for industrial processes” (S. Shokravi)
“Development of metrics for environmental impact in the chemical processing industry” (G. Mead)

Policy, Education, Process – research and innovation

“Modeling of technology and knowledge transfer in developing countries” (F. Handoko)
“Optimising the injection mould die design process” (T. Alirezaee)
“Staged introduction of automation systems for SMEs” (C. Dagher)
“Improving Engineering Student Ability to Read and Interpret Engineering Drawings” (Z. Abdullah)
“Multimedia training facility for high speed machining” (S. Wu)
“Enhancing SME performance through the computer-based integration of the product development cycle” (P. Rokic)

Bio-mechanical design research

“Potential effects of bone morphology in thoroughbred fore fetlock joints” (A. Alrtib)
“The impact of equine training on bone fatigue” (J. Merritt)
“Design of a prosthetic anterior cruciate ligament” (B. Hume)

Recent publications

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